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Our promise at TechSavvi is to deliver custom solutions that are as unique and special as your business with powerful results. 

TechSavvi’s foundation is built on strong relationships and trust. Our services and advice are always of the same quality we would give to our friends or family members.



Friendship and trust are the foundation for Michael and Bill, co-founders of TechSavvi.

They are the “go-to” guys for any technical questions having all the right answers and more!

Having served as trusted advisors to many companies, they decided to use their skills to help others on a larger scale, just as they do for their friends and family.

That’s how TechSavvi was created in 2015. We have a highly qualified team of technicians and engineers ready to help!

We got you! You can rely on TechSavvi for any technical needs relating to your business
as if you were a friend or family member.

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a wide range of support options for workstations, users, and cybersecurity for your unique business needs from hardware, software, repair, and user training.

We can help you maintain and grow.

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a strategic assessment and technical planning that is flexible, scalable, and secure, for today's technical challenges in business.

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We are not trying to sell you on our products.
Instead, here are some of our people who will do the hard work for us!

Always pleased when a company strives not only to save the client money but believes in the timeless integrity displayed through 'service after the sale'. Responsive to customers need with a significant knowledge base and an adaptive skill set that allows for meeting ever changing goals and timelines. Great people to work with!
David H.
I am extremely pleased with TechSavvi LLC. The TechSavvi team created an extremely professional user-friendly website. My customers absolutely love it and have many compliments on its looks and user-friendliness. Thank you TechSavvi team for all the support when I don't know what I'm doing! Keep up the great work!
Cynthia B.
After retiring a few years ago, I wanted a complete new home computer system. Not feeling comfortable to choose and install a system myself, I contacted TechSavvi to diagnose my old system and suggest and install a new system with greater security and up-to-date. Highly recommend TechSavvi LLC.
Craig K.

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